Maintenance work required?

Please fill in the form below to lodge a maintenance request, please provide as much information as possible to assist in resolving the problem quickly. 

What we need to know:
When did this maintenance item first present itself to you? 
What area of the house is the maintenance item ie. Hot Water System is leaking, located on the Left Side of the house behind the gate nearest to the toilet. 
What can you see that identifies this maintenance item ie. There is water leaking from the top of the Hot Water unit and running down the side and it is rusty 
Is this maintenance of an URGENT nature?  ie. Yes I do not have any hot water it has all run out , or No, I still have hot water but will need to be looked at soon
If you can also tell us: 
Have you tried troubleshooting this issue? What steps have you taken? 
Can you provide further information to help us resolve this for you? Photos or Links to information that will assist us as the Property Manager help your Property Owner resolve the problem quickly for you without excessive cost. 

Maintenance Images:
For any maintenance requests that need images sent through as proof of the issue, please send them through to [email protected], please use your address as the subject line.




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