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Managment Fee

Our 10 % Management Fee. 

Beautique Realty offers you a simple inclusive management fee which is different than the traditional fee model used by many agents.


We charge 10% of the rent collected (including GST) which allows you to budget for your income and expenses without having any added charges from your Property Manager throughout the year.


Then, each time we find a tenant we charge a Letting Fee of 1 weeks rent plus GST and a Web Portal Fee of $45 for a 30 day feature listing.


When comparing fee's, try not to only look at the percentage rate. Real Estate Agencies traditionally will charge a management and rent collection fee, plus additional fees for services performed such as Inspections, Lease Renewals, Rent Increases, Financial Statements, and usually there is a regular Postage & Petties (Sundry Fee). These fees can add up over the year to in excess of 10% over the year.  


The below table is an example of comparing Beautique Realty fee's with an average fee charged by agents in our local area

Compare fee's here:

Property Manager Springfield Lakes Ipswich

We like a simple approach so the all-inclusive fee keeps things simple.


Fee's are deducted from the weekly rent which is paid to you fortnightly.  A detailed statement is emailed, and stored for future reference in your Online Owner Portal


We can pay your Urban Utilites and Council Rates on your behalf at no extra cost. Fantastic for your tax accounting! 


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