COVID-19 - Client Update 23/3/2020


COVID-19 - Client Update 23/3/2020

23/3/2020 - Snippit from Email update to Owners and Tenants


It has become evident that some tenant's may or have already lost their employment and are being financially impacted due to this crisis. We will contact you if we become aware of a change in your tenants circumstances. 

The Prime Minister has announced that states and territories will work together to identify what measures, such as financial relief and legislative changes, can be provided to support residential tenancies in hardship conditions, this is likely to be announced on Tuesday evening 24/3/2020 . We will provide a further update to you once information comes to hand. 

We will proactively reach out to all tenants to gauge their current status, this may take some time, but rest assured we will report to you as soon as we hear of any update to your tenants ability to pay rent. If you do not hear from us, then no news is good news as we may need to put all our efforts into the cases that are hit the hardest.

Paying the Mortgage

If you have been personally impacted and will be facing hardship then please reach out to us. We are here in this with you and we will do whatever we can to help you manage during this time.