COVID-19 - Client Update 24/3/2020


COVID-19 - Client Update 24/3/2020

24/3/2020 - - Snippit from Email update to Owners and Tenants

Assistance if you have lost your income, how does that look?

This was the information we are all waiting on. But tonight we do not yet have a clear understanding.

Scott Morrison said :


"A lot of progress has been made over the course of today and over the course of this week, we'll be looking to hopefully finalise some measures. This is obviously a complicated issue because you've got a tenant, you've got a landlord, you've got creditors and all of those issues and you need to solve for the entire chain that's there. The states, working together with the Treasurer, have done some excellent work today and there's more work to be done on that. It will be considered tomorrow night at the National Cabinet. And as a first pass, talk to work through that issue and it will be considered again. But it does involve both the Commonwealth and the States working together. The States have the legislative authority when it comes to tenancies, both commercial and residential and the Commonwealth has other incentives and levers that it can pull to support and enable that chain of businesses and individuals who are caught up in that process where people are under rental stress."


Essential Services

Scott Morrision explained:


 "Now, if you ask me who is an essential worker? Someone who has a job. Everyone who has a job in this economy is an essential worker. Every single job that is being done in our economy with these severe restrictions that is taking place is essential."


We are essential to you, and we will continue to be here in what ever capacity required. Reach out to us if you want to discuss your current situation. We are contacting all tenants one by one but this will take time. If you are in a stressed financial situation due to loss of employment then reach out and we will put you on our Priority Response List. If you are just feeling uncertain and would like to chat then reach out. We are here to help. We are in this together and you can lean on us whenever you need.


All we ask, is you help us to reduce physical contact and are patience with our response times as we juggle the current situation