COVID-19 - Client Update 16/4/2020


COVID-19 - Client Update 16/4/2020

16/4/2020 - Labor back tracks on Amendments to Residential Tenancies Act 

The REIQ have launched an excellent 'Everyone Matters' campaign and so many have jumped on board in support. 

It appears to be working as the Minister has released a statement saying:

"The Palaszczuk Government will continue to listen and work with stakeholders in the finalisation of new temporary COVID-19 tenancy measures."

This is great to hear and it looks like the message is working, and we will see a better outcome when Parliament sits on the 22nd. 

To give you confidence that we are on the right track I have copied a link to the 9News recording of the original statement which is where the REIQ have based their campaign on, combined with information from 'The Hub'. Fast forward to 9:57 where the Minister states that 'A tenant cannot amass a debt', meaning if the rent is determined to be affordable only at $200 a week, when the actual rent is $400 per week, then the RTA will determine the new rent is $200, and the $200 arrears is forgone. Never payable. The landlord must take the hit. 9 News Original Statement by De Brenni Minister for Housing in Qld

I am sharing this today as I think it is important that we know the facts in this story and continue to send a factual message out there until we have a mutually agreeable decision that protects landlords and tenants during COVID-19.