COVID-19 - Client Update 22/7/2020


COVID-19 - Client Update 22/7/2020

22/07/2020 - Update on Job Keeper and Seeker 

The past 3 months in Queensland for Real Estate has been easily managed with the COVID Residential Tenancies Practice Guide that was released on the HUB. As Property Managers we had clear guidelines to work with

We continue to see all Beautique tenant's doing their best to keep the rental payments up and have had less than 5% of our rental's be affected and our Arrears rate sits at less than 2%.

Unfortunately with Victoria a new hot spot for the pandemic the uncertainty for the rest of the country has prompted the need to have further government assistance granted. The Job Keeper and Job Seeker payment has been extended until March 2021 with two tiered rates being implemented.

We truly hope that this announcement will assist our clients to continue doing their best to maintain their good rental history and owners to be able to sustain the ownership of their properties. 

Without private housing everyday Australians will suffer.