November 2020 Market Update


November 2020 Market Update

Hi there. I'm Beau Miller. I'm from Beautique Realty. And I'm coming to you with our November 2020 Real Estate Market Update.


I'm in Spring Mountain today. I am in the Peter Tullett Memorial Park, this particular park has 4.7 star review on Google. It's got really good play equipment for the kids, but it's also the trailhead for the Spring Mountain Conservation Estate. So this is where all the walking trails, the BMX tracks, this is where it all starts.

So I'll pop you the address, in the comments, [Peter Tullett Memorial Park, 182 Woodline Dr, Spring Mountain QLD 4124] because I talk about this park all the time. really great trails, kids, suitable, adults. dogs - you can just get out there and start walking and often you'll see some horses as well. So this park itself is dedicated to, people and people with a love of adventure. So, that's that's I suppose why I'm drawn to it.


So on to our real estate market We're looking at 9.3 days to find a really good quality tenants. Days between tenancies is only 3.9. We are turning over our tenants really quickly. So our investors are not losing any income there. We received 254 applications for properties this month, we only had eight properties to rent, so huge number of people applying for homes. There were 499 inquiries in total. Massive. There's really low stock levels. So low, levels of, of rental properties available.


There's quite low stock levels in properties for sale, and high demand as well. We've got first home buyers, we've got investors and we've got upgrades, families that are selling their, their first home, moving into the second and so forth. So really interesting market activity. And if you, you do, see on my Facebook page, I shared a couple of days ago, just a report from RP data a predicted 20% increase in the Brisbane property market in the next 12 months.


So, what could you buy around here? So Spring Mountains, quite a new estate, it has only been going in the last 18 months to two years. So there's not a lot of, resale of property yet. The cheapest home at the moment is $439,000. That's a free fixed price home on a 327 square meter block, bigger block size 410 sqm. You're going to pay 479,000 for that. Now these homes, the rents average around four 50 a week. So you're still getting really quite good returns. Obviously the bigger the land, it's a family area. You're going to get more rent for it because people will pay for a bigger block. now blocks of land, they're really still really reasonably priced. 250,000 for 448 square meter block now. You get great depreciation in your first 10 years and it's a quality area where new homes are cared for. We're in a really good, school zone for public primary and high school. And we've got private schools as well in the area which really popular. It's really quiet where I am at the moment. Yes, the kids are at school, but I'm sure it'd be busy a little bit lighter and, go from there.


So why do I love this area? We're really close to a Orion Shopping Center, its five minute drive down the hill, and really good access through to the Amberley air base or into Brisbane and we've got the rail out here as well. So I love it. I think it's a fantastic area and I'm really encouraging people to, to look into this area from an investment point of view. It certainly, Has a lot of opportunity for long-term tenant and long-term growth in here as well. So if I can help you with that, it doesn't mean I have to have a property that I'm selling you. I can help you find something that suits your needs 0411439437.


So its my birthday week and then straight into the Christmas spirit. We've only got three weeks until Christmas kids are off school next week. It's going to be a pretty crazy time. So I hope you stay safe and have a great time and we're look forward to helping you. And I'll be back at the end of the month, December rap, talk to you then.


Beau Miller. Beautique Realty 0411439437