Letter 1.

Christmas is almost here, so start marking the days off your calendar, before you know it, I will be flying into Brisbane with my sleigh packed full of toys for all the good boys and girls.

I see you have been doing good in school this year. I am very happy to hear how well you are doing. My goodness you are growing up quickly.

You have some wonderful items on your Christmas wish list this year. Since you have been a good and trying your best, I am going to do my best to see that you get what you wished for.

Rudolph and the reindeer get really hungry from flying all around the world. it would be wonderful if you could leave out some carrots for them? Also I would love it if you could leave out some milk and cookies for me too.

I will still have so many homes to visits, so I will need all the energy I can get.

Have a very Merry Christmas. I’ll see you on Christmas Eve, but you’ll be fast asleep.


Letter 2.

Merry Christmas! Are you excited about Christmas this year? Me too! Rudolph can’t wait to pull my sleigh to your house on December 25th. His nose is glowing just thinking about it!

The North Pole is so busy this time of year. Mrs. Claus and I are sitting in front of the fire relaxing for a few minutes before I head over to the workshop to check on the Elves. They are busy in the workshop getting all the toys ready for the big day.

I hope I can fit them all in my sack! It’s a good thing Rudolph and the other reindeers have been getting lots of exercise because they will really have a workout this year. Even though you’re super excited, please be sure to

get to bed early on Christmas Eve. Santa can’t stop at houses where boys and girls are wide awake. Then, in the morning, you’ll see your presents under the tree.

That reminds me: Don’t forget to leave some milk and cookies for me and some carrots for the reindeers. I am sure you have heard of my list of children who are naughty and children who are nice. Well, every year your name shows up on the “nice” list and I am so proud!

Have a very Merry Christmas. I’ll see you on Christmas Eve, but you’ll be fast asleep.!



Letter 3.


Merry Christmas!

 Ho, ho! Are you ready for Christmas? I’m so excited.

The reindeers are ready to roll (or fly), and I’m putting the finishing touches on some special gifts.

I heard that you’re a little worried because you won’t be celebrating Christmas at the usual place this year. Are you afraid that I won’t be able to find you to deliver your gifts? Well, let me tell you, this happens all the time. Kids go out of town to visit family, or they take a vacation, but that is not a problem for me!

I can’t reveal all my secrets (it could be GPS or it could be reindeer magic), but I have absolutely no trouble finding kids on Christmas Eve, You can hang your stocking anywhere and Santa will find you.

Wherever you are on Christmas Eve, please be sure to

get lots of sleep so I can deliver your presents and you’ll be well-rested by the morning time.


Letter 4.

I’m writing to you because I have been hearing rumours from up here at the North Pole, that you have been hearing and seeing things suggesting that I’m not real.

That would make this a very strange letter if it were true.

Christmas is a magical time of belief and giving, and that’s why I am here. You can tell people who question me that I am the spirit of Christmas and that anyone who has been surprised by presents or eaten Christmas cookies or seen decorated trees knows that I really exist.

I am here to encourage great kids like yourself to be nice and to help and embrace the spirit of giving. And that belief should never go away, no matter how old you get.

Also, last time I looked in the mirror I was really here, so for all the people that are disbelieving, they should watch out they might get coal in their stockings!

Thank you for continuing to believe in me!


Letter 5.

Time flies so fast! Just a few weeks left and before you know it, it’s Christmas! It also means I will soon set off on my great adventure with my sleigh packed with presents for all the kids who made it on to my Nice list this year.

 I’m glad that you always make it onto my Nice list. I always hear wonderful things about you from your parents and your teachers. You're kind and you love to share. I think that's incredible. Keep it up!

 My Workshop elf Dreamy Stripey Socks showed me your Christmas list this year. Don’t worry because Mrs. Claus has been preparing lots of cookies and milk so our elves in the factory have energy to build all those things you like. I’m so excited to place them under your tree.

I better run now. We’re getting very busy here in our shop. We have so many gifts to make and wrap for all the good kids out there like you. Have a magical Christmas!


Letter 6.

Merry Christmas!

It’s me, Mrs. Claus. I was sitting in front of the fireplace making some last-minute alterations to Santa’s red suit and I decided to take a break and write to you. Santa showed me his list, and I can confirm you are one the “nice” side. Good job!

While Santa has been busy getting the sleigh ready for Christmas Eve, the elves have been hard at work in the toy shop. Tonight, they are working on toy trains and cars, and a special gift just for you!

Please keep up the good work and listen to your parents. I bet you’re excited for Christmas! I love spending time with family, and it’s always fun to give and be given gifts.

Well. I’d better get back to Santa’s suit. He’s put on a few kilograms this year, so I need to let out a couple of seems, as well as fluff up the white trim. Enjoy the holidays and remember to brush and floss your teeth – especially after Christmas treats.


Letter 7.

It is with great regret that I have had to send you this warning letter. Despite being nice for most of the year my elves have recently reported some bad behaviour. You are very close to the naughty list.

There is still time, you can still make it back on the nice list, but I’ll need to see some improvement in your behaviour first.

I have a wonderful present to leave for you on Christmas Eve if you can stay on the nice list. Try you best and remember we are always watching


I believe in you.