Rental Application Form


How do I apply for a Property with Beautique Realty ?


To make an application we use a program called 2Apply



What ID do I need ?

When applying for a house you need 100 points of ID

That can be made up of your photo ID which could be a Driver's License, a Passport, or a proof of age card.
Your Medicare card , a bank card , health care card, concession card or similar.

You will also need to  include form of identification that has your current address.  make sure you put in the back of your drivers license plus a utility bill like a phone bill or power bill.

You could also include a bank statement.


100 Points Guide

Must supply 2 documents from each category

Must have - Identification

Must have - Identification (must supply 2)

Drivers Licence - back and front

Proof of age card/Health Card

Utility Bill

Rego Certificate

Must have - Income support

Pay slips (at lease 1 month) or bank statement


Centrelink statement


If self employed, profit and lost + Notice of Assessment


Extra supporting documents

Rates Notice (proof of ownership)




Birth Certificate


Tenancy ledger


Tenancy agreement 


What other supporting documents do I need?


When applying for a house you need to include other supporting documents that prove your financial ability.
If you are employed , you  will need to include one month's worth of Pay slips or a bank statement showing income regular deposits.
If you receive Centerlink payments include your payment summary for at least a month's worth.

Plus any other proof of income that you might receive like Uber , Child Support or a side business.


Extra supporting documents

Self employed bank Statement, Profit and Loss, Invoices

Employed Pay Slips, Bank Statements, Employment Contract

Centerlink Statements 

Any other income on the side, including any child support or rental assistance 


Is there anything else I can add to the application ?

If you have pets, we like to see a full pet application and photos.


You may also like to add a covering letter to explain why you have chosen this property and why you would like to make it your new home.


Where can I send extra supporting documents to ?


You can either upload supporting documents to your 2Apply application or email our office [email protected]


What if I have Pets ?

If you have pets then we love to see a Pet Application and photos as supporting information. When applying with us you will receive an email with the Form to complete. Send this to our email [email protected]


How long does it take for my application to be approved ?


We work towards a 3 day turnaround from application to approval but this is not always possible . The things that can hold up the process is your ID or proof of income not being received in full .


It can also be time consuming following up for rental references so make sure you have provided the correct contact email for your current real estate agent.


We can also be delayed if there are lots of applicants applying for a house. Each application takes us around an hour of processing time.


The better your application is structured the quicker we can get you an answer.


Who decides if I am successful for the property ?


It is up to the property owner to approve the applicant and we share with the owner a full summary of your application. So the more information that we have the stronger your chance to be the successful applicant.


What Happens after I am approved ?


We will let you know with a phone call of your approval. We will discuss with you the handover process and make a day and time for key handover at our office.


Then you will receive an email explaining the next steps and a link to the Tenancy Agreement to sign electronically via DocuSign.


You also need to pay your Bond with 24 hours and email us confirmation that it has been paid.

There will also be an SMS message sent to you from our MoveMeIn connections company that will help to connect your Electricity, Gas and Internet . They can also help with removalists and insurance and a range of other services you might need.