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What We Do

Beautique Realty is your LITTLE Agency on a BIG Adventure. Based in Augustine Heights, our little, local, Property Management team are striving for BIG results!


Director Beau-lea Miller is driven and dedicated in providing you with a specialised Beautique property management experience you will not get anywhere else.


We have the latest and greatest technology, a passionate team and with our personal approach we will achieve BIG results.


With our attention directed solely on Property Management, we ensure our clients receive individualised service and care and are provided with relevant and up to date market information.


Now, this little agency may be little but.... We are BIG on communication. Our personal service includes on going, up to date communication about your property, tenants and local area. 


We are BIG on Advertising

We are BIG on the Tenant Selection Process

We are BIG on Routine Inspections during the tenancy

We are BIG on Repairs and Maintenance during the tenancy

We are BIG on acting fast when it comes to Urgent Repairs

We are BIG on selecting the right Tradespeople

We are BIG on Arrears Control 

We are BIG on Rent Reviews and local market conditions

We are BIG on Property Expenses during the tenancy

We are BIG on Water Rates and WaterUsage 

We are BIG on managing Smoke Alarms

We are BIG on Pool Safety

We are BIG on Notice Periods and Final Inspections

We are BIG on Reletting at the end of the tenancy 


Really this is only the beginning of your big adventure with this little agency...

Commitment to you 


The key to being a GOOD Property Manager is open and honest communication. We also value providing up to date information at all times. We focus our attention on Springfield Ipswich because this is the area we know best. 



At Beautique Realty we are the experts in Property Management. We have clean quality properties and provide a service desired by all of our clients - tenants and owners



As your property manager we promise that you will have access to the Principal directly. Beautique Realty is operated by Beau Miller a Property Manager working in her own business. Beau has her finger on the pulse and treats all Beautique properties like she would treat her own rentals. 

What does a Beautique Property Manager Cost?

Did you know that is the first question 95% of people ask! 

A Property Manager will charge;


First - a Letting Fee for finding a tenant, 

Plus - an Advertising Fee for the rental portals we use to find your tenant. 

Then - a Management Fee for looking after the property - this fee can range from 6% to 15% of rent collected 

There may be other charges like tenancy renewal fees, sundry fees, administration fees, statement fees, There a loads of variations that you will find when researching your new property manager. 

At Beautique Realty we charge a flat rate inclusive fee to make budgeting for your rental income and expenses easy. We have no doubt that your Beautique experience will be worth every tax deductible cent!

Want to know more? Click below to request our fee information today. 


Servicing Suburbs
  • Springfield

  • Springfield Lakes

  • Augustine Heights

  • Brookwater

  • Bellbird Park

  • ​Greenbank

  • Yamanto,

  • Flinders View

  • Raceview,

  • Brassall 

  • Ipswich and surrounds

Also managing property;

  • Brisbane

  • Brisbane Southside *

  • Brisbane City*

  • Brisbane Bayside *

    * Conditions Apply

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