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Brendon Fredericks


“I have utilised Beau for 2 years since moving my portfolio to her from another Real Estate Agent.   Beau is the best property manager I have come across and you will get fantastic value for money from her services. She will always go that extra mile to ensure the property is managed above and beyond the required standard. Due to living interstate, I can have peace of mind that I did not get with other Property Managers.


There are two aspects about Beau that have me promoting her services:

Tenant selection; Beau will ensure that the tenants are absolutely up to scratch, she will not put a tenant in your home for the sake of having a tenant, and then three months down the track find that they are not suitable. Her screening and assessment of potential tenants is second to none.

The other aspect of Beau that is rare in a Property Manager is the fact she has her own investment properties. Many Property Managers do not have their own investment properties. Quite often Property Managers are those that have fallen into the role due to lack of other employment prospects and have not idea about the business side of owning an investment property. Beau does, she knows the ups and downs of owning an investment property and will ensure that she always does the best thing by the owner. Beau will give you guidance on decisions that need to be made and will work through any problems with you in order to achieve the best possible outcome. In essence she manages your investment property as if it was her own.”      

Belinda Tolete

"A colleague recommended Beau's property management to me as he was impressed with the level of service provided.  I had previously been with two other property management organisations and was extremely disappointed with them.  I wanted a service that was personal and would keep me informed of current or future issues that needed my attention.  I am so glad I made the switch to Beautique Realty.  Beau regularly keeps in contact with me and even informs me of things she feels are important that I am not aware of.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  I would not use anyone else! "  December 2013

Rena & William Tjio 

“We own rental properties in 3 states, and have done so for the last 10 years.  In that time, we have experienced many different levels of service at various price points.  When we found Beau, we learnt that there are reliable property managers that we do not have to constantly chase and can entrust to completely look after our properties.  Beau offers a comprehensive research service which helps us maintain our rental at a competitive rate; she attends to maintenance issues which reduces our risk; and, ensures that the tenants pay their water bills on time.  I wish she could look after all our properties in the other states!”   January 2014

Peter & Dianne Clark

My husband and I own multiple properties through out Queensland  and Tasmania, we have absolutely  no hesitation in recommending Beau & her agency to other investors. She is the best property manager we have had in our 10 years of investing. Beau has a wealth of knowledge on anything real estate, and only recently emailed me the updated Tasmanian legislation for real estate (as she knows i have investment properties in this state & would find it interesting & useful ) No other agent we have had in the past has provided such excellence in customer service. - October 2014

Emily & Ashton Knight

We had just received posting orders and had no clue what we were going to do with our home. We were very hesitant to go with a Real Estate company at first mostly because there are a lot around the Ipswich area we just don't know if you could trust with your home. Then we met Beau from Beautique Realty and there was just no other option she was amazing. Beau took the time to give us the run down on all things involved in renting out our home, from insurance to maintenance she has it all covered. Since then Beau has found appropriate tenants who are locked in and ready to go. Having Beautique Realty manage our property has made the stress of leaving our home so much simpler.  We have the highest confidence in Beau to keep us informed and up to date with everything at our property.
We simply cannot express the relief it has been having Beau as our property manager,
knowing she is reliable and is as interested in looking after our property as we are.  - March 2014


Steven & Karina Roberts

We are happy with the repairs that are being understaken with the house and are extremely happy with you rprofessionalism and commitment to our rental property in Ipswich. Much appreciateion, The Roberts family, Townsville. - February 2016

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