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BARCLAY MIS Debt Recovery - Protecting your Rental Cash Flow

We have a new service coming to Beautique Realty. Barclay MIS offer a Debt Recovery service has given me a three month trial to utilise the service.

Common Questions:

What is Debt Recovery?

A service used to minimise the risk of loss to your rental cash flow. ie. When the tenant stops paying rent, or when they wont pay the water bill .

But isnt this what I pay my agent for?

Yes it is, but we can only go so far as the legislation allows us. The cover gives you extra support while we follow the legislation procedure.

But I have Landlord Insurance, why would I need debt recovery?

As good as traditional insurance is it has one inherent problem in that you can only use it when you have a problem. The cover is not insurance so it works to prevent the problem in the first place.

When can it be used?

The preventative service can start as early as Day 4 of rental arrears!

Are you saying I have to take out this cover?

No, the decision to have the cover is up to you. Barclay are giving 3 months of free cover while we decide. If you dont want it, just let me know.

More information is coming soon, we will be in touch.

Kind regards,

Beau Miller your specialist Property Manager

Beautique Realty

m. 0411 439 437


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