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Did you know that placing your property for rent as a 'do-it-yourself' landlord in the local newspaper would possibly net you a lot of phone calls from tenants who do not like to deal with agents?

There are plenty of tenants in the community that know full well that it is much easier to deal with a private landlord who lacks experience and is unlikely to undertake in-depth reference checks or screening using a tenant default database. Regretfully, that is largely why these types of tenancies have a much higher failure rate than if a professional property manager managed the tenancy.


Urgent repairs are often a hot topic as the definition often means one thing to a tenant and another to a property investor.

The definition of urgent or emergency repairs are set out in legislation which mandates what constitutes an emergency repair and who is responsible for arranging and paying for the repair.

Emergency repairs can be broadly defined as a repair that affects a tenant’s standard of living or safety, such as a blocked toilet; dangerous electrical fault; damages caused by storm, flood or fire; the failure of essential services; and whether the issue is life threatening.

When an emergency or urgent repair is referred to a property manager, they make an assessment of whether the repair is urgent based upon the definition under The Act and will report it immediately to you for authorisation to appoint a contractor.

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