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Beautqiue clients are already covered for Smoke Alarm compliance as a part of the 1300 Smoke Alarms service that we set up when first joining Beautique Realty. But are you covered for Blind Cords? As of the 1st of January 2015 all Rental Properties are now required to be compliant when it comes to Blind Cords regardless of when the blinds where purchased/installed. 1300 Compliance Services now offer a bundle package costing $99 per year ($30 extra on top of your existing cover) plus $5 per cord when first making compliant. During the next round of Routine Inspections Beautique Realty will be identifying properties with Blind Cords and recommending our clients take out this increased cover. As a bonus, they also check Safety Switches so if you would like to take out the cover even if your property doesn't have blinds then send us a quick email and we will get you covered. More information is available here Blind Cords and Safety Switches

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