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Barclay MIS Rental Debt Recovery

It is time to renew our commitment to the Barclay MIS debt recovery plan.

The cost per year to subscribe to the Barclay MIS plan is $55.00 .

What is Barclays MIS ? - Do you need it? We think you do. The Barclays service includes full debt recovery should you find yourself in a situation where your tenant has not paid the Rent or left the property with debts above the bond. If you do not take out this cover, we have no means to recover any debt above the bond. Barclays have the ability to track down your tenant and garnish wages.

Why are we using this service? In 2015 we began using Barclay MIS. A debt recoverer for Real Estate Agents for over 30 years. In the past 12 months Beautique Clients were given a way to recover money that would normally become dead and forgotten debt.

We had already been to court on these matters, the Magistrate had told the tenant to pay, and they did not pay. What more could we do?

The debts were passed onto Barclays and in the last 12 months we have recovered over $2770.00 for 5 of our Clients. AND the money keeps coming in!

We are confident that with the wages being garnished we will see in excess of $8000.00 in debt being recovered from these tenants.

What you need to do - IMPORTANT READ BELOW

PRE MAY 2015 CLIENTS If you have previously subscribed to the Barclay MIS service, we will be processing invoices for payment on the 18th of May. You do not need to reply to this email and the renewal invoice will be paid from your rental funds.

In 2015, you were given an option to OPT OUT of this service. If you have decided you wish to take out cover now. Please reply to this email by the 11th of May 2016 .

If you wish to remain without cover there is no need to reply.

POST MAY 2015 CLIENTS If you wish to take out the Barclay product please reply to this email by the 11th of May 2016 and indicate that you wish to take out cover.

If you do not reply, we will not take out cover and your free cover will expire in May 2016.

We strongly recommend the Barclay product to ALL of our clients.

More information

Additional features offered by Barlcay MIS ;

  • No legal fees

  • Full coverage and protection for the recovery of monies owed for default on rent or damage to your property

  • Arrears control

  • SMS arrears support

  • Access to debt collection letters

  • Fully co-ordinated, no-cost eviction service*2

  • Tracing and location of the defaulter

  • Raising of summons

  • Serving of summons

  • Obtaining judgement

  • Raising of oral examination summons

  • Running oral examination

  • Raising garnishee summons

  • Serving garnishee summons

  • Full coverage and protection for the recovery of monies owed for default on rent or damage to your property

  • Raising warrant of execution

  • Executing warrant

ALL FOR $55 per year per property!

More information can be found

If you have any questions at all , please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Beau Miller Principal Licensee Beautique Realty

m. 0411439437 e. 8/21 Technology Drive Augustine Heights, Qld 4300 PO Box 4601, Springfield Qld 4300

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