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0% Vacancy in Ipswich!

We have 0 property available for rent in Ipswich! If you want low vacancy and great returns then we are the property manager for you.

We work on a tried and tested process to find new tenants;

First - we start about 4 weeks before the property available date

Then - we take great photos of ALL the rooms, we then write an excellent description as if your walking through the property

Next - we list the property and within the first 7 days will show the property to as many prospective tenants as possible in two to three separate viewing times. These viewings are often held after hours or on weekends to maximise the potential tenants being able to attend.

The Applications roll on in! - Within the first 7-10 days we are working madly to review the prospective tenants history and suitability to the property.

Move in Date - We find prospective tenants are looking to move in within 2 weeks of the application being approved.

So that's it, our rentals are gone in 0 to 3 weeks to great tenants wanting excellent rental properties!

Call Beau at Beautique Realty today to speak about your rental property and how we can have your property gone in 3 weeks! 0411 439 437

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